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Food manufacturers

  • CPG, Frozen and RTE food manufacturers
  • Transparent and traceable
  • Warehousing in CA and NY
  • FSMA and FSVP qualified
  • Global supply chain experts

Food distributors

  • Quality ingredients
  • Bulk packed
  • Competitive pricing
  • Seasonal contractual buying

Private label

  • Customized packaging options
  • Complete source traceability
  • Innovative product ranges
  • Sustainable sourcing models
  • Small farm support programs

What we offer ///

A variety of organic foods and ingredients

  • Rice
  • Beans
  • Nuts
  • Lentils
  • Ancient Grains

Our Partners ///

Stories that sustain.


With over two-decades pioneering organic and fair-trade agriculture in India, Anaya Foods has developed strong and reciprocal partner relationships. Together we bring deep passion and expertise in fair, ethical and sustainable farming — supporting small farmer groups producing organic basmati rice. This includes training and education in organic farming best practices to interest-free credit for organic production — whether improving soil fertility, pest-control and disease management; or state-of-the-art technologies for highest quality food processing. From the start, our partnership has been committed to wage and gender equality and encouraging best environmental standards.





Main Product

Organic basmati rice
Organic rice varieties

Rotational crops

Millet, amaranth, lentils, chickpeas, beans



Since 2007, when quinoa became a globally acclaimed crop, our Bolivian partner has been helping communities in the Altiplanos manage sustainable growth. These efforts span the entire quinoa growing region — from Salinas de Garci Mendoza to the salt flats of Uyuni — impacting six municipalities and over 20 communities of small family farms. These direct relationships enable us to provide technical advice and training in planting, farming, harvesting, pest-control and any other crop support needed. Our joint commitment is to help these communities preserve this ancient grain’s heritage so it can be passed down for generations.





Main Product

Organic Quinoa



For over 45 years, our Brazilian partner has initiated and managed an organic cashews project. By supporting the growers — with a team of technicians on the ground — we help guide best agronomic and environmentally sustainable practices. The direct impact of this partnership has resulted in “model farms” that showcase improved farming practices, organization, environmental responsibility, cleanliness and care. We’re proud the organic certification agency has ranked this project top 10 in Brazil and we encourage the continued excellence of our award-winning team.





Main Product

Organic Cashews

Simple Origins Products

Our Brand ///

Simple Origins

From Italy to India and beyond, we create plant-based pasta, rice and grains from the best small organic farms on the globe. Our delicious crop-to-kitchen meals are organic, gluten-free and 100% whole grain — made from real, whole foods.

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Rooted in integrity.
Committed to excellence.

As global supply chain experts and direct importers, our mission is to bring good food to the table — made by good people. We’ve gained first-hand expertise bringing foods back to the kitchen from countries afar. We uniquely understand different cultures, are committed to farm-to-fork traceability, and eliminate re-handling to maintain max efficiency and food quality. We believe every relationship in the supply chain matters. Through our strong partnerships worldwide, we ensure the highest food safety standards — always with respect and fairness to our network of farmer families, growers and processors.

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